Love addiction


Millions of people all over the world are dealing with love or romance addictions. Any person whose behaviour is actuality hooked to the feeling of being in love can be considered as love addicted. We all have a basic requirement of love in the same manneras an alcoholic person who craves for drink.It is the most improbable compassion in the world when you first fall in love.In a case where only someone would love you in that special way you would be pleased for the rest of life.There are lots of problematical whys and wherefores one trapped in this love addiction.Some symptoms which are commonly found in people who are love are:-

  • Several unproductive affairs.
  • Unexpressed or locked feelings and emotions.
  • Isolation and emotional disinterestedness from others.
  • An incompetence to live without being in a love connexion.
  • The failure to expectation others.
  • Using sexual affairs in order to feel valued.
  • A distress of leaving behind.

When one feels craving for the light-headed, starry-eye daffection that is common in new affairs is the most wonderful time one could ever have in any relationship.Love addiction comes about in human being when they turn out to be hooked to the romanticism they get from being in affection. Even though it is public that like other addictions people who suffer with love addictions do not know they are affected. Love and support addiction is engrained in self-abandonment these people may also be addicted to a current love liaison or partner.

Love addiction is much more prevalent than any other constituent or process addictions when one’s competence, lovability and feelings of self-worth and pride come from others liking and approving.The pain of condemnation, elimination, rejection the pain of being shut outgives a deep pain of low self-worth.The major cause of the pain due to isolation and loneliness is to make yourself dependent upon others for your sense of worth and not to take obligation for your own happiness by loving and approving of yourself. One must emphasis on the ability to withstand with the emotional, physical and financial circumstances.



Love avoidance occurrence severe emotional unbalancing within any idealistic relationship. The poignant pain and disturbance in the love life must not be underestimated. The repudiation to illustrate love for someone out of fear of being hurt is identified as love dodging. People, who have experience the feeling of unwanted or unloved in earlier relationship, demand for extreme acceptance, admiration and respect from their partners or loved ones with the sole intention to boost their self-esteem. Someone amid this personality type has had something deep-rooted into their unconscious, right from being little, that has developed in them fearing rejection, and therefore avoiding commitment or attachment.

 Those who ever faced love avoidance safeguard themselves watchfully when in relationships and avoid closeness in order to protect themselves from refusal, loss and the types of pain that accompany an cherished relationship. Love addicts and love avoidant equally suffer from a form of affection disorder and to uphold a healthy relationship is going to be difficult to maintain without determined consciousness and effort. Love avoidance is attachment turmoil treatment of this muddle includes keen examination of family of origin roles and early period disturbance. Edification about the love avoidance cycle aids in awareness of the behavior that create and sustain the cycle.

 Co-dependent person may stick in unhealthy relationships, due to their trust that they are not worthy of love and that everyone will eventually leave. They fear dedication and emotional attachment which only fetch misery and frustration in relationships.  If anyone believes that his /her relationship is unwholesome, a good first step is to observe it for signs of obsession and then ought to consider professional help to get to the root cause of the issue. After a clear understanding one can work on relationship inconvenience and can begin to have healthy relationships without compulsive or conditional love. Therapies for love avoidance embark by examining the relationship history and working on center problem. Moreover, a deeper look in to upbringing relational trauma and reflexively neglected childhood needs will be encouraged. Love avoidant people are usually in need to be admired, pampered and put up on a pedestal in order to feel comfortable, sought and loved in relationships.

Love Addiction & Love Avoidance